CSA 2010: The new sheriff in town

This month’s cover story “Maximum Exposure” in Truckers News deals with CSA 2010 — the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s new safety compliance program set to roll out this summer.

While it’s a total new way of doing business, CSA 2010 looks to work in favor of good drivers. I made this argument in my monthly “Editor’s Journal” column in the same issue.

While I expect to get letters from drivers who disagree with me, (and yes I know many feel they always get the short end of the stick when it comes to employer and/or more government regulations), I believe CSA 2010 will put more pressure on fleets to hire better drivers, train them better and offer more incentives to retain them. Bad actors will be forced out, but isn’t that what so many of you have been wanting?

It’s going to be a long and confusing process at times, but in the long run, it will give newer respect and credibility to professional drivers who have been asking for a better system. Agree or disagree, CSA 2010 is new sheriff in town. Stay tuned in the coming months for regular reports on the program and learn how to use it to your benefit.



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2 responses to “CSA 2010: The new sheriff in town

  1. Jason Senteney

    Well i will agree with you on this csa2010 might be a good thing i also see it as a bad thing for the industy. I have no tickets as of right now but the company i work for might not be in good standings. How will this help me? I like the people i work for as they treat me well. But i see they might be put out of services as some of there other drivers have to many tickets. I have been driving now for about 10 years and like this type of work but all these new rules and regs are getting a little out of hand i think.I work hard at being a good driver but it fills as no one cares about us drivers and the products we hual to them so they can have a little easyer life. i hope i havent ramble on to much here but would like to find out some how if this industy has a future for me.

  2. Rod

    Well i must say that i strongly disagree, this is just another way of getting some more money if you ask me, just like CDL was supposed to get all the bad apples,What happen there ? I think it just let more in. The trucking industry needs to take a real frim stand, people are running there trucks to the limit do to all the cheep freight and and just getting worse everyday, How are we supposed to meet more standerds when we cant aford the one’s we have now..I and alot of other O/O I know are just hanging by a thread. A tree can only bend so far til it breaks.

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