Blind Spot: Keeping one eye on the road just doesn’t cut it

A little reminder that trucking in the United States, despite the daily stresses brought on by dispatchers, traffic, shippers and law enforcement, is just not that bad when compared to some parts of the word.

Take this story, for example. According to the published report, a truck driver in China had his one of his eyes frozen shut after driving approximately 500 miles with his head sticking out the driver’s window. Why? Because he had replaced his shattered windshield with cardboard.

“I didn’t want to fall behind in my delivery schedule and I couldn’t afford a repair,” Sing Li, 24, reportedly told a court following his arrest in eastern China.

It’s hard to imagine that an American driver would have attempted such an unsafe delivery. Even if a U.S. trucker did, it’s highly unlikely he or she would have made it more than a few miles without being pulled over.

Trucking in other parts of the world is often far different than here. This month, Truckers News’ cover story “Trucking Around the World” looks at transportation in various areas of the globe.

It may leave you feeling a little more thankful for your daily grind.



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2 responses to “Blind Spot: Keeping one eye on the road just doesn’t cut it

  1. Carolyn

    Frozen eye syndrome?

  2. Rick

    Can anyone tell me where to find a wiring scematic for a Volvo?

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